-1-  H&R Block

While there seems to be a lot of good tax software out there now, H&R Block came out as our clear-cut winner. Sure it has some nice bells and whistles - like step-by-step filing guidance and final reviews for accuracy, but what really goes unrivalled is their extensive customer support. At any time during your tax filing session, you have the ability to view online support videos, or better yet, live chat or telephone call with a specialist. It's not for nothing 1 in every 7 US tax filings are done through H&R Block as it's one of the best tax filing services around.


step-by-step filing guide

great customer support options

very popular = many resources


must pick from multiple platforms

The following list rounds up our TOP 3 picks for online tax software services:












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-2- TurboTax

TurboTax was a close runner-up in our rankings. It offers all the great features with its online interface such as tax estimation and the ability to deduct the cost of using TurboTax from your taxes. It's well thought out and constantly refined. We know past issues have been patched, but we had to deduct half a star for reports of privacy breaches concerning customer information. However, one of the TurboTax software's greatest features is the ability to let you use the software - up until the point where you will actually file - for free. So, give it a good run to see if it's the platform for you.


fully working trial software

tax estimation tool

guarantees like audit counseling


past privacy breaches (fixed)

-3- TaxACT

TaxACT is an inexpensive filing software that relies heavily on a system of selecting and importing reports. It walks you through 35 life scenarios to better capture a true representation of your possible tax refunds. With a quick final review process, TaxACT is a great software - if you know what you are doing. If you have a simple return or have a strong knowledge of filing taxes, TaxACT might be for you. However, if you are at all new to filing your own taxes, this software under-performs in the area of customer support. There are no tax experts standing by at the other end of a chat window or or cell phone. In that case, there are two better options on our list. 


multiple scenario walk-through

intuitive final review process

inexpensive for knowledgable people


not intuitive for beginners

no round-the-clock customer support


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